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November 19, 2004
Schedule Update
I have updated the schedule for the rest of November.
November 4, 2004
New Layout, Schedule Update
As you can see, I have changed the layout again.  I am happy with this one.  This time it will stay for a while.  Now for the update.  I have updated the schedule for most of November.  That's it in the Static world right now.
October 24, 2004
Schedule Update
Small update to the schedule. 
October 18, 2004
Schedule Update
Just a little bit of scheduling news.  Cartoon Network is going to air Static even more.  Starting today, it will air at 6 PM Eastern Monday-Friday.  Go to the schedule page to see what episodes are going ot air.
October 13, 2004
A Few More Pictures
I have added a few more pictures for The New Kid DVD.  They are of the front page bios and Static's Gear. 
October 6, 2004
The New Kid DVD Pictures
I have added pictures of the menus from the new dvd.  You can see them here.
October 2, 2004
Static on Sundays
Static is now going to air on Sundays at 8AM Eastern on Cartoon Network starting on Oct. 10.  I have updated the schedule for the month of October.
September 29, 2004
New Layout, The New Kid DVD Page, Schedule Update
I have changed the layout again.  I just can't seem to find a layout that I like a lot.  I might end up changing it again next month so be warned.  Yesterday, the DVD came out, so I hope all of you got your copy.  I know I did.  I thought the special features were in depth and interesting.  The game was also inventive and fun.  What did you guys think of it?  I have added a poll asking this question.  Now I can't wait for the next one to come out.  I created a page for the new DVD also.  I still have to get some pictures of the menus, but I should have those Friday.  Lastly, I have updated the schedule for the Cartoon Network.  That's all for today.
September 24, 2004
Static on Cartoon Network
Comics Continuum has posted that Static is going ot air on Cartoon Network starting next Monday.  It will air Moday-Thursday at 10:30 Eastern.  It is starting at the first season, so all of you who missed episodes this is your chance to get them.  I have the first week on the schedule page.  Also, don't forget, the Static DVD is going to be released next Tuesday.  It contains the first six episodes of the first season.  It also has special features that you can learn about here.  Still haven't found the books yet, but I am searching.  Thats all for today.