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40. Future Shock (Aired Jan. 17, 2004)
Written By Stan Berkowitz
The episode starts with Static helping Batman and Robin arrest Timecode.  They afterward are looking at his time machine in the Bat Cave.  The machine starts up and Static is accidentally thrown forward in time.  He ends up in the Bat Cave, forty years in the future.  He encounters Batman Beyond and has a little fight with him.  Bruce comes in and stops them, explaining he was expected Static.  He says he needs him to help stop Cobra.  They need to find a prisoner Cobra has and free him before a prisoner exchange happens.  Turns out the prisoner was the future Static.  Batman Beyond and Static go undercover to talk to a contact about Cobra.  Static thinks he found the contact, but it is just a gang of Jokers.  They easily defeat them.  Later, Cobra's leader escapes custody and returns to the Cobra base.  Static and Batman go to the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude and find that in the future there is a base underneath it.  They find a message from Gear and figure out where the Cobra base is.  They get there and encounter Cobra.  They are able to lock themselves in a room with the Cobra leader and the older Static.  They are able to defeat the leader and free the older Static.  With the older Static's help they stop the rest of Cobra.  Afterward, young Static goes back in time and finds that Gear had fixed the machine.  He tries to tell them about what he saw, but is told to keep it to himself.
41. She-Back! (Aired Jan. 24, 2004)
Written By Len Uhley
The episode starts out with Virgil and Richie in a comic shop talking about a comic book character.  They see that Madelyn Spaulding is working there and they talk to her.  After they leave, she finds out that she has powers still, only uses them differently.  The next scene shows the metahuman prison.  Madelyn destroys the walls and frees the Bang Babies.  Static and Gear arrive to stop them from escaping.  They are not doing well when She-Bang comes and saves the day.  Madelyn and her gang escape.  She-Bang talks to the press.  After hearing her, Static and Gear decide to talk to her.  Turns out the people hunting her were arrested, so now she is back in Dakota and wants to be part of the team.  Static is not happy about this.  At school, She-Bang is driving everyone crazy.  When Madelyn and her gang show up again, they easily beat Static and Gear, no thanks to She-Bang.  They tell her that they do not want ot work with her ever again.  She is sad by this and decides to take on Madelyn by herself.  Madelyn captures her and Static and Gear go to the rescue.  They are able to free She-Bang and stop Madelyn.  Afterwards, Static and Gear apologize for what they said and ask She-Bang to join them.
42. Out of Africa (Aired Jan. 31, 2004)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
The episode starts with Virgil and Sharon helping Dr. Anoki set up a exhibit in the Dakota Museum.  Dr. Anoki gets a call from someone who wants something and Dr. Anoki says everything is ready for the person to get it.  Then in the security video, he sees a shadow.  He quickly gets Sharon and Virgil out of the museum, but not before he puts a gold spider in Sharon's coat.  After they leave, Onini the Python chases Dr. Anoki around the museum.  Static and Gear arrive and begin to fight him.  A big insect comes and helps Onini.  Just as Static and Gear are about to be defeated, Onini and Mmoboro leave.  As Dr. Anoki is taken to the hosiptal, Anansi shows up and asks Static to help him.  After they get into the musuem, Anansi explains that the spider gives him his powers.  At the same time, Sharon finds the spider and learns about it's powers.  She goes to Richie's and learns about the spider from him.  Osebo comes and kidnaps Sharon, but not before Richie puts a tracking device on his helicopter.  Static and Anansi find out that Sharon has it and meet Richie.  They then follow the tracking device and drop in on Osebo and company.  While Static and Gear take care of the others, Anansi fights Osebo.  Osebo now has the sipder and uses it to take away Anansi's powers.  Anansi is able to knock it out of Osebo's hands and creates the illusion of dozens of them.  While Osebo tries to find it, Static comes up behind him and defeats him.  Anansi then gets his powers back. 
43. Fallen Hero (Aired Feb. 7, 2004)
Written By John Semper Jr.
The Green Lantern is shown robbing a bank.  Virgil cannot believe that he would turn criminal.  The scene jumps to the country where a train is going by and the Green Lantern jumps off it and heads towards Dakota.  While on patrol they run into the Green Lantern stealing things.  They confront them and try to reason with them.  They cannot get through to him and he attacks them.  They are easily defeated.  As the Green Lantern leaves he is attacked by another Green Lantern.  It turns out that the Green Lantern doing the crimes is really a man named Sinestro who stole the Green Lantern's powers.  Later, Virgil is mad because he believes that his icon has turned evil.  As they are on patrol, Static and Gear are attacked by Sinestro in disguise.  As they are fighting him, the real Green Lantern comes and begins to fight Sinestro.  Sinestro leaves with Static and Gear fighting the real one, not realizing he was innocent.  They are able to defeat him and take him to prison.  Later, when Static finds Green Lantern's ring in his coat, he thinks there might be something more than meets the eye.  He goes and sees the Green Lantern, and finds out the true story.  When he comes back to the gas station, he finds Sinestro there and fights him.  Only, the Green Lantern is there too, charged by Static's powers.  With his help, the Green Lantern defeats Sinestro and clears his name.
44. Army of Darkness(Aired Feb. 14, 2004)
Written By John Semper Jr.
The episode begins with Static reading the paper about a recent string of robberies.  He finds a girl standing in front of a building and talks to her.  As he talks to her, the doors to the building burst open and two Bang Babies come out, with loot in hand.  Static confronts them and has a little fight with them.  All is going good until the girl uses her powers to create a thick darkness, allowing them to get away.  The scene switches to the gang of metahumans who are arguing.  Ebon arrives and orders them around.  They go further into the sewers and find a guy working on a machine.  They talk about how close the machine is to full operation and that they need only one more part.  Ebon says to get it and watch out for Static.  Static and Gear are on a building and receive a warning about a break in.  They go there and find the Bang Babies stealing an item.  They fight for a little and are doing good until Ebon arrives and causes the two to almost fall in a fire.  They are about to fall when Ebon gets attacked by Nightingale, which gives Static enough time to escape from Ebon's trap.  Ebon and the others then leave.  At the Nightbreed's base, Nightingale is yelled at and she runs away.  Ebon catches her and shines light on her.  Static and Gear come and save her, while causing Ebon and the rest to run away.  Nightingale then tells them about who the Nightbreed are and what Ebon has planned.  Static and company go to the Nightbreed's base and walk into Ebon's trap.  They are freed by Brickhouse and all four head to the gas station where Ebon is.  The gas station is where Tech's machine will be used to turn the city into darkness.  Static and the others arrive and fight Ebon, Fade and Tech.  The machine starts its process before Static can get to it.  Nightingale then uses her powers to suck up all the black energy while Gear turns it off.  As the sun rises Static and Gear take the Nightbreed back to their base where they become allies. 
45. Hoop Squad (Aired Feb. 28, 2004)
Written By Len Uhley and David Garber
Virgil's dad, Robert, buys VIP tickets to the NBA All-Star game in L.A. after gathering money from doing a charity drive. Virgil and Richie walk into one of the courts where they find Karl Malone, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and Steve Nash playing some ball. Just as they're introducing themselves to the popular NBA stars all the plastic in the court starts to disintegrate. Static and Gear fly outside to see what's going on and Gear learns that nanites have been doings this.  Farther away, they find a gigantic robot tearing up the city. After not being able to stop the robot with their own powers, four superheroes in different colored costumes fly into play to help Static and Gear. A little later after the fight, the robot disappears, taking Gear with him. The new superheroes reveal their identities to Static. To Static's surprise, they're the NBA stars.  But in costume, they are known as the Hoop Squad. They take Static to their secret headquarters to meet Mason Andrews, the one who built their bio-enhancer suits and their main contact, and El Gata, the helper robot.  Mason explains to Static that Odium, an evil scientist is taking billions of nanites and putting them all to form one gigantic robot, and to carry out his evil doings across the earth. Odium is the one that kidnapped Gear, and is holding him hostage. He tells Gear that he kidnapped him because he sees a lot of him in the young genius. Odium tricks Static and the NBA superfriends by replacing his voice with Gear's on the Shock Box.  Thinking that it is Gear Static and the NBA stars go to the location where Odium told them to. It's a trap where the nanites try to destroy the superheroes. Using their powers, they  escape just in time. Mason finds out where Odium's real headquarters are located, and he sends the heroes there to stop him.  Odium is transferring the nanites into a truck. As soon as the heroes get to the secret lab, Odium transforms, using the nanites, into the gigantic robot our heroes battled before. They fight it and the robot starts to weaken. An explosion erupts from the truck, and it causes to finally destroy the billions of nanites. A little later, Virgil, Richie, and Robert go to see the All-Star game.
46. Now You See Him...(Aired March 13, 2004)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
The episode starts with Daisy in a jewelry store looking at a necklace that she wants to buy she doesn't have enough money to. She sees a man staring at her in a mirror. As soon as she turns around, the man disappears. While Daisy is in the mall, someone moving very fast runs throughout the mall stealing things. Static and Gear arrive, but fail to catch the person. Later, at Static and Gear's headquarters, Virgil tells Richie that his sister got two free tickets to the upcoming B2K concert and that he is going to ask Daisy to go with him.  Richie says he taped the fight and determines that he is using super speed.  At the mall, Virgil and Daisy run into Eddie Felson, a nerd  from science camp.  He tries to ask Daisy out on a date, but Virgil reminds Daisy that they have the B2K concert to go to. An angry Eddie walks away.  A little later the alarm goes off at the mall again because the speedster stole the necklace Daisy wanted. Static and Gear arrive but fail to catch this person. Static overrides the alarm system in the mall, which causes all the shops to go on lockdown, so that they can trap the speedster inside. The man walks in front of Static and Gear.  He is called Speedwarp, and says he can move himself through super speed.  Gear and Static try to capture him, but Speedwarp uses super speed to stop them.  Speedwarp figures out their identities, then leaves.  At his home, Eddie gets a call from a man named Dr. McDonald on his answering machine. He tells Eddie that he has him on tape, stealing the time manipulator and wants him to return it.  Eddie goes to McDonald's office as Sppedwarp to find the tape.  He figures out McDonald has it with him on his plane.  Speedwarp uses superspeed to get to the plane and steals the tape. Static and Gear find the plane out of control. They manage to land the plane safely, and the doctor explains to them that Eddie was his intern. Gear constructs a time belt for Static, but that he can use once to go super fast. He also tells him to make sure that Speedwarp doesn't touch it. Because if he does, something bad could happen because the hyper times would cross. At the B2K concert, Speedwarp shows up and puts everything into really slow motion. Everyone except Daisy is frozen. Speedwarp takes off his mask, and lets Daisy know that he likes her and stole for her. Daisy starts to run into the city. Static shows up and puts himself into super fast speed using the belt Gear made. Nothing Static does works, and Speedwarp tries taking the belt away from him. The two hyper times collide as Speedwarp's time regulator short circuits, and he is permanently stuck in time.  But he can only go in slow motion.  Daisy and Static then go back and watch the rest of the concert.
47. No Man's An Island(Aired Feb. 21, 2004)
Written By Ralph Soll
It begins with Virgil talking to Freida because he is bored.  Richie has been gone all weekend.  He hears an alarm and finds Hotstreak stealing a car.  When he gets him into a cormer, soldiers arrive and knock out both of them.  Static wakes up on a ship headed towards an island.  He finds that he is tied to Hotstreak.  When they arrive, Hotsteak makes Static agree to escape when the soldiers try and take them out of the ship.  They attack the soldiers and are able to escape, however they are still tied to each other.  Static looks inside a building and sees Rubberband Man, Talon and Gear on beds.  They are then attacked by flying ships making them run.  They get a hovercraft and destroy the flying ships.  After some persuasion, Static gets Hotstreak to agree to free the other metahumans.  They go to the building and find out that they are testing the metahumans.  They see that Alva is behind the testing, which will be used for curing Alva Jr.  When they are in the experiment chamber, Static gets the key to the bonds and frees them.  Hotstreak talks to loudly and they are seen.  Hotstreak esacpaes, but Static is knocked out.  The scientist begins the experiment and transfers the metahumans powers to Alva Jr.  There is nothing happening,  Static wakes and frees the metahumans.  Soldiers and robots come in and they fight.  Alva comes in and tells the soldiers to stand down.  Hotstreak is behind hi, holding him hostage.  Static agrees to use his powers to save Alva Jr.  Hotstreak, not wanting to be outdone, also agrees.  The power transfer begins, but nothing happens.  Gear uses the computer to change the settings and restores Alva Jr. to normal.  Alva is grateful and sends the metahumans bakc to Dakota.  Static lets Talon and Hotstreak, who now has a hovercraft, go.
48. Linked (Aired May 1, 2004)
Written By Robert Goodman
The episode begins with Static and Gear fighting a Bang Baby and losing.  The Bang Baby runs off, but they do not follow.  They have to go to a dinner.  The next scene shows the unknown Bang Baby at his home watching a news report about a pro football player named Dule Jones.  It shows Dule Jones being introduced.  Virgil and family are at the dinner and watch him speak.  Later, Dule comes and offers to take Sharon, Virgil and Richie for a ride in his humvee.  As they are driving, they are attacked by the unknown Bang Baby.  Virgil and Richie run off and switch into their uniforms.  They try to fight him, but lose.  Dule drives off leaving Sharon behind.  When he gets to his house Chainlink breaks in.  He threatens to tell the world Dule is a Bang Baby if he doesn't get some of Dule's fortune.  Dule agrees and returns to the Hawkins house.  Virgil and Richie agree that they should follow Dule to protect him from Chainlink.  The next morning, Dule and Sharon are having breakfast when Chainlink calls Dule.  Dule tells him to meet him at a factory.  When he gets there, he tries to throw Chainlink into acid.  The attempt fails, but Static and Gear come to try and help.  Chainlink then runs away.  Sharon also shows up and tells Dule she is disappointed in him.  Later on at the football game, Virgil and family are watching in front row seats.  After a touchdown, Dule comes into the middle of the field and begins to talk.  As he is going to confess his secret, Chainlink coems and begins to fight him.  Static and Gear also try to help.  As they are losing, the football players decide to help and are able to hold off Chainlink until Dule was able to stop him.  Afterwards, Sharon tells Dule she is proud of what he did.  Virgil and Richie then play catch with Rashid "The Rocket" Randall.
49. Where the Rubber Meets the Road (Aired March 27, 2004)
Written By Matt Wayne
The episode starts in Rubberband's apartment where he going to take Sharon out on a date.  Virgil and Richie are also there hanging out.  While on the date, they see on the news screen that a new Bang Baby is attacking Alva Industries.  Rubberband goes to help.  The Bang Baby makes it to Alva.  It says it's name is Tarmack and wants the fusion engine.  Rubberband comes, followed by Static and Gear.  They are easily defeated.  Tarmack takes the machine and runs off.  Rubberband is told to press a button but can't because the words are messed up.  Tarmack escapes because of this.  Tarmack goes to Specs and Trapper and gives them the engine in return for money.  At Alva Industries, Alva explains what the engine is and gives them instructions to shut it down.  Later, Static confronts Rubberband, realizing he has dyslexia and tells him he should get help for it.  At a bar, Tarmack finds out that the engine costs more than what he got for it.  He returns to Specs and Trapper who trap him using new tools.  At the same time, Static and company look throughout the city for the machine.  Gear is mad because he believes Rubberband is being reckless, when in reality, Rubberband cannot read.  They eventually find the lab and are able to stop Specs and Trapper.  Tarmack gets away with the engine with Rubberband following him.  Rubberband is able to defeat Tarmack, but not before the engine is started.  Rubberband has two minutes before it blows.  He gets the instructions out and with a little patience is able to stop the machine by the time Gear and Static arrive.  At the end Static and Rubberband give a speech about dyslexia and how it can be helped.
50. Wet and Wild ( Aired May 8, 2004)
Written By Len Uhley
The episode starts with Aquamaria and Hotstreak planning to crash Candide's CD signing.  Inside Virgil, Richie and Daisy are in line.  They see that Bernie Rast is Candide's manager.  When they tell her not to trust him, Aquamaria and Hotstreak attack.  Virgil and Richie sneak off and return to fight them.  They are able to stop make Hotstreak run away and have Aquamaria frozen.  The scene shifts to a lab where scientists tell Static and Gear they want to have Aquamaria be the first to try their new cure for Bang Babies.  It takes a little persuading, but she eventually agrees.  Hotstreak sees on the television what is going to happen to her and decides to stop it. As the procedure is happening, Hotstreak melts a critical pipe causing Aquamaria to lose form and go down a drain.  Gear and Static look over the lab later and figure out it was Hotstreak.  Hotstreak is at a fountain when Aquamaria appears in front of him and makes him agree to punish the scientists.  They are able to get tow easily.  At the swim meet, Dr. Todd is watching his daughter when Aquamaria confronts him.  Static and Gear try to top her but she manages to take Todd.  At their hideout, Aquamaria finds out that Hotstreak was the one who caused the operation to go wrong.  She gets mad and tries to drown everyone.  Static and Gear are able to help them.  Dr. Todd gives them the antidote and they go after Aquamaria.  They eventually track her to the bay.  As they fight her they mix the cure with the water causing Aquamaria to return to normal.  After a few more doses, Aquamaria becomes totally cured.
51. Kidnapped (Aired May 15, 2004)
Written By John Semper Jr.
Gear's boots malfunction as he's flying in the air, making him crash. He finds out that a computer worm got into his boots. Gear decides to try and fix this, while Static flies home. Inside, Static takes off his mask. Outside a camera is watching him. At Alva Industries, a woman named Dr. Roberts is talking to Edwin. He's shutting down her research because it's no longer of any use. Edwin had her trying to find out Static's secret identity, but doesn't want her to anymore. Dr. Roberts refuses to stop so Edwin fires her. After Edwin leaves she gets a message from one of the cameras with Static showing his identity. At the Freeman Community Center, Robert and Sharon are leaving. Sharon gets the car, but before she starts it Puff comes out of it.  She then makes Robert fall asleep and Onyx puts him in their truck. Puff and Onyx drive away with Sharon following. They get on the highway where Puff melts her tires. Static arrives to save Sharon, who tells him what happened. In the distance, Static sees a huge flame go up in the air. It's at a parking garage where Puff and Onyx are. Static asks Puff about his father and finds out that they were hired to kidnap his dad. Puff gives him a message. Static flies to an old junkyard where an elevator is emerges that takes him down to a lab. When he arrives there, he sees a big computer screen. On the screen is his dad in a room surrounded by lasers. A woman comes out and shows Static on the screen him taking off his mask from earlier. She calls herself Omnara and explains that she kidnapped Robert to get to Static. She wants him to go to Alva Industries to steal one of the projects she was working on, which is called "Project Omni". But before Static agrees to do this, he wants to see his dad. Robert figures out that he's Virgil.  Virgil swears that he'll give up being a superhero once all this is done. Static goes to Alva Industries. Static eventually beats all the security and breaks into Lab 14, where Project Omni is located. Later, Omnara explains her plans with using Project Omni to Static. She has put a computer virus in every computer in the world and put surveillance everywhere. She wants to control every digital device in the world, but finds that she's missing one component. She taps onto her network server and finds the piece. Static flies over there and opens up the truck, taking the component. Gear shows up and tries to stop Static. He tells Gear to get out of his way, but Gear refuses, causing them to begin fighting. Static beats him and then clues him on what's going on. Static brings back the final component and Omnara uses it with the rest of her machinery. She connects herself to all of it. The download begins and she hits Static with an energy burst. Gear arrives and pulls Static out of the way, telling him that he got Static's clue. Gear made a counter-worm to stop Omnara. Static runs to where his dad is, freeing him carefully. Gear installs the counter-worm into the hard drive just as Omnara finshes the download. Static carries his dad, along with Gear out of the lab and onto the streets. Omnara uses cars to try and take them out.  Omnara sends more cars, but at the same time the counter-virus kicks in. Omnara overloads and is taken to the hospital. Robert thinks about telling Static and Gear to stop all this crime-fighting, but tells them they its okay to keep doing it.
52. Power Outage (Aired May 22, 2004)
Written By John Semper Jr.
The episode starts with Sharon yelling at Virgil for not taking out the garbage.  Robert comes in and saves Virgil, much to Sharon's confusion.  The scene then goes to school, where Richie finds out he got a B- on his test, which is something new for a person with super smarts.  There is an alarm at a store.  Static and Gear show up and face off against Kangorr and Ferret.  Ferret runs off when Kangorr changes back into a regular human.  Gerret tells Ebon and the Metabreed about what he saw.  After he tells him, Ferret turns back into normal.  At a hospital, Static and Gear find out that all the metahumans would return to normal.  When they are watching tv, Dr. Todd explains that the cure was spread throughout the city earlier in the month.  Virgil is somewhat okay with it, but Richie is sad and mad all at once.  They decide to go see Dr. Todd.  At Dr. Todd's lab, Hotstreak and the Metabreed break in.  They are there to steal Dr. Todd's Big Bang gas.  Static and Gear come in and fight them.  Ebon takes the gas, and escapes, leaving Talon, who is normal again.  At the hospital, they talk to Talon and find out Ebon's plans.  They go to the docks with some trouble due to them losing their powers.  Ebon has gathered a few Bang Babies and plans to use the gas to get thier powers back.  Static and Gear come and take the gas from them.  Ebon and the others chase them throughout a ship until they corner Static and Gear.  They lock them into a room.  Ebon realizes that Hotstreak has stolen the gas.  Ebon finds him and they confront each other in a room.  They fight and the gas goes off.  Back to Static and Gear, Talon has come and freed them.  They smell some of the gas and their powers return.  When reach the deck of the ship a shadowy tendril appears.  Then fire emerges from below.  A huge monster comes from the lower decks of the ship.  It is Ebon and Hotstreak merged together.  They try and fight it, but it is too hard.  Static then uses all of his powers to knock it down and seemingly destroy it.  Afterward, Static and Gear fly around and discuss the future.  Gear is going to make a cure for the cure, so both of them will always have their powers.  They them fly away into the distance.