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Byron a.k.a. Boom
First Appearance: Brother-Sister Act
Powers: Can create and amplify sounds 
He and his sister Mirage got their powers when they were walking by the Big Bang.  At first he stole to help his grandma, but eventually became evil and stole for fun.  He was stopped by Static, who had Mirage's help. He is presumably still in jail.



Edwin Alva Jr. a.k.a. Omniferious
First Appearance: Junior
Powers: Gets different powers through metagas
The son of Edwin Alva. He got his powers to try and get his father's attention. In the end he turned himself into a body of stone.  His father worked for a long time trying to turn him back to normal.  After much experimenting, he was finally freed thanks to Static, Gear and Hotstreak.


John Morrow a.k.a. Replay
First Appearance: Replay
Powers:Can duplicate himself
An ex-actor, he used his powers because he was fired.  In a battle with Static a duplicate of Static was created.  He controlled this duplicate and made it do crimes.  He was sent to jail for robbing banks and stores.


First Appearance: Romeo in the Mix
Powers: Absorbs other metahumans pwers for a short period of time
This metahuman planned to capture all the metahumans to get all their powers. The metahumans he was able to capture were Ebon, Hotstreak, and Talon.  He tried to capture Static but accidentally caught Lil Romeo.  Static was able to defeat him with Lil Romeos help



Madelyn Spaulding
First Appaerance: Attack of the Living Brain Puppets
Powers: Can read and control minds, later could move any object
This controlling girl once ran for class president. When she did not win she used her powers to control the city. After her run in with Static she forgot she even had powers.  When she was released from the hospital, she was not allowed back in school.  Although she forgot how to use her powers, she was able to change the way to use them and gathered a gang of Bang Babies to cause trouble.  Her gang was defeated by Static, Gear and Shebang and she went to jail.


Marvin Roper a.k.a. Replikon
First Appearance: Duped
Powers: Shapeshifter
Marvin once was in business with Adam Evans. He later became jealous of Adam's career and kidnapped A.J. McLean, who was making a deal with Adam. He tried to have A.J. make a deal with him however, his music was bad and A.J. refused.  With the help of A.J., Static defeated him.


Miranda a.k.a. Mirage
First Appearance: Brother-Sister Act
Powers: Can create life-like illusions
Her brother is Boom. She followed him believing their stealing was to help their grandma.  Eventually, she stopped because of his change in personality.  She went to jail, but not before dissuading Sharon Hawkins that Virgil was Static using her powers.


First Appearance: Power Play
Powers: Can give or take away powers to other people
This homeless Bang Baby was the one who gave powers to Richie and made him steal to get more.  After being defeated by Static, he fell of a roof and disappeared.  His whereabouts are unknown.



Royce Axelrod
First Appearance: Pop's Girlfriend
Powers: Super-strength, deformed body
Royce stole some metagas.  Thinking it would give him super powers he smelled it.  During school, he changed into a huge deformed beast and went on a rampage throughout the school.  He was defeated by Static with the help of Trina and other police officers.



Heavy C. a.k.a. Slipstream
First Appearance: Winds of Change
Powers: Controls the wind
A fat kid who didn't know he was a Bang Baby until he was teased by some other kids. He caused trouble with his powers,even defeating Static a couple of times. Eventually he was sent to jail after being defeated by Static.



Tamara Lawrence
First Appearance: The Usual Suspect
Powers: large, superstrong beast, ears sensitive to noise
She was accidentally caught in the Big Bang when she tried looking for her boyfriend Marcus Reed. Afterwards, she planned to have revenge on him. When Marcus returned to Dakota, she began attacking people, putting Marcus under suspicion. Her plan failed when Static figured it out and stopped her.


First Appearance: Sons of the Fathers
Powers: Has a doglike body and personality
This Bang Baby hung around with Carmendillo.  His current whereabouts are unknown.


First Appearance: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Powers: Body is made of  tar, shoots tar out of hands
This Bang Baby worked for Specs and Trapper to get the fusion engine.  After he got it, he found out he did not get his money's worth.  Angered he returned to their lab where he took the engine back.  He was chased by Rubberband Man who was able to defeat him. 


Troy a.k.a. Chainlink
First Appearance: Linked
Powers: Has metal tentaclesm which he uses to melt metal
Chainlink was friends with Dule Jones during the Big Bang.  When Dule went to the pros, Chainlink got mad and demanded that he get most of the money.  Dule fought and defeated him.  He is now in jail.