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27. Hard As Nails (Aired Jan. 25, 2003)
Written By Paul Dini
A girl named Allie Langford at Virgil's school tries to hide that she is a bang baby. She has super strength and the ability to turn her fingernails into indestructible claws. Once her secret is discovered by accident, Virgil does some detective work and discovers she found a website that's offering help and treatment for Bang Babies. Static tracks Nails to Gotham City, where he meets up with Batman. The Dark Knight tells Static that Poison Ivy and Harley are recruiting Bang Babies to help them in their crimes. Nails is reluctant to turn to a life of crime, but Ivy offers her a cure if she helps them steal government gold bars. Nails agrees and they have no trouble hijacking a cargo ship and taking the gold. In the end Harley and Ivy double cross her and push her overboard. Batman and Static rescue her then they take care of Harley and Ivy. Static convinces Nails to return home to her parents and to deal with her new found condition. She agrees, and Bruce Wayne sets up a medical facility in Dakota to help Bang Babies.

28. Static In Africa( Aired Feb.8, 2003)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
The episode starts with the Hawkins family landing in Ghana, Africa. Robert is real excited about the trip, however, Virgil is not as excited. After seeing a little of the country , he begins to have fun. The next day they get on a train to see the country. On it, they meet Dr. Asuki. As they begin talking to him, a catman named Osebo attacks. Then Anansi in diguise hits him from behind. He manages to kick Osebo off the train, but not before Osebo takes Asuki's briefcase. Virgil puts a tracker on him before he leaves. The train is then headed towards a cliff. With a little help from Virgil's powers the train is stopped in time. Anansi then goes out to try nd track Osebo. Later, Virgil learns that the briefcase contains a map to an ancient palace that is under a lake. Anansi then comes and tells how he could not find Osebo. Virgil then tells Anansi his secret, and volunteers to help Anansi by using his tracker. They are able to find Osebo. They easily defeat Osebo's goons and corner him. They are able to stop Osebo and reclaim the map. When the Hawkins are about to leave, Anansi gives Virgil his thanks for his help.

29. Gear (Aired Feb. 1, 2003)
Written By Alan Burnett
The episode opens with Richie showing Static his latest invention a high tech surveillance robot called Backpack. They are interrupted when Ebon and his gang escape from jail and Static goes after them. Richie goes with him to watch and Ebon recognizes him and thinks he has something to do with Static. He has his gang follow Richie around town. In the meantime Richie has become so smart he passes all his classes with ease and says it feels like his brain is on fire with new inventions. Virgil thinks he had a delayed reaction to the Big Bang and Richie isn't happy at first. He wants a cool power like super strength. After tailing Richie around, Ebon thinks Virgil is Static and kidnaps him. Richie then goes after them using his inventions. Virgil is in a padded cell and starts to break out using his powers but thinks it might be a trap set by Ebon - so he waits until he knows what going on. Ebon is watching Virgil on a tv monitor. Richie uses Backpack to create a false image on the screen while he frees Virgil and gives him his costume. Then they go after Ebon and his gang and Ebon is fooled into believing Static and Virgil are two different people. Later Richie and Virgil try to think of a superhero name for Richie and they settle on Gear.

30. The Usual Suspect(Aired Feb. 22, 2003)
Written By Len Uhley
The episode starts out with Virgil and Richie talking about Marcus Reed, a student who had just returned from juvenile hall. The scene then switches to two cops who are following a Bang Baby. The metahuman surprises them and is about to finish them off when one cop pulls the fire alarm. The noise hurts the metahuman and it runs off. The next day, the same metahuman is attacking the car show. Gear and Static show up to stop it. After a short battle, the creature runs away from a car alarm. When they could not find it afterwards, Static and Gear realize that the creature changes its form. They link both attacks to Marcus Reed and assume that he is the one. Virgil talks to Marcuss old girlfriend, Tamara Lawrence to get more info. Shortly after talking to her, Virgil sees Marcus watching him. A few minutes later, Tamaras new boyfriend is attacked by the metahuman. Static saves the day and is covinced Marcus is the creature. To try and get him to transform, Virgil makes fun of him to make him angry. Marcus runs after him, but does not transform. Richie calls Virgil and tells him Marcus was not the creature and had an alibi. Virgil is the attacked by the creature. Marcus faces the creature and Static tells him that it is Tamara. She tells of how she was caught in the Big Bang and that she wanted Marcus to suffer like she did. She attacks Static, but he disables her using her weakness to sound. She reverts back into her original form. In the end, Marcus and Virgil reconcile their differences. Virgil and Richie also agree never to judge someone like that again until they had all the facts.

31. Shebang( Aired Feb. 15, 2003)
Written By Len Uhley
While saving some workman Static and Gear get a little help from a new superhero who calls herself Shebang. Gear wants to recruit her to the team but Static says no. Daisy and Frieda introduce a new girl at school named Shenice Vale. They have a bowling match between the boys and the girls and thanks to Shenice the girls are winning. When her parents show up Shenice misses the strike and Virgil thinks her parents wanted her to fail. Later, Hotstreak goes on a rampage, beating Static and Gear. Shebang defeats him with no trouble but leaves when the news people come. At home Shenice's parents tell her she can't be the superhero Shebang, but she tells them she can't be a quiet girl and not use her powers. An agent tracking Shebang trails Static who leads them to her. They use sleeping gas to knock out Shebang and Static and kidnap Shebang. Static and Gear talk to her parents and learn that they created Shenice in a lab, giving her superhuman abilities. They fell in love with her and decided to escape instead of handing her over and the agency who wanted her made wants her back to clone her. When the agents try to kidnap her parents Static and Gear stop them and track them down to an airport. Static manages to get on the plane and saves Shenice. At the end she tells them she and her parents are going underground until all the people involved in wanting her cloned can be found and caught. After that she hopes to return to Dakota and help them fight crime.

32. Flashback (Aired June 7, 2003)
Written By John Semper Jr.
The city of Dakota dedicates a statue to the rescue workers who helped with the Dakota riots 5 years ago. It is during these riots that Virgil's mom got killed. The scene switches to Ebon chasing a girl named Nina and Static and Gear try to stop him. She uses her powers to encircle herself, Static and Gear and turns back time ten minutes so they escape Ebon. They take her to their headquarters where she tells them she wanted to find them so she could join them. She wants to use her powers to help people. Gear creates a timer from a remote to more accurately control Nina's powers. She gets a costume and calls herself Timezone. Static says he wants to go back to the riots and changed what happened. Timezone agrees that they should go back and help people. Just as they set the timer to go back, Ebon shows up and takes it. Static zaps both Ebon and the timer and short circuits the device. All of them go back in time. They all arrive in different places and Static and Gear split up to find Ebon and Timezone. Static finds his mother and takes her to a roof where he tells her he's Virgil and how he got his powers. She tells him how proud she is of him. He tries to convince her to stay safely on the rooftop for just this night. Gear says he found Ebon and Nina and needs his help. Static goes off to help just as his mother gets a call. Gear tells Static Ebon stole the Alva Industries Bang Baby juice to set the Big Bang off early hoping to create mutants under his control. Static and Gear manage to stop the truck by crashing it into the gas station( their future headquarters) and getting the remote back from Ebon. Timezone sends them back to their own time just as Static sees his mother helping people on the street. Once back in their own time Static wants to go back and save his mother, but Timezone decides her powers are too dangerous to keep. She goes back in time two years to stop herself from being near the Big Bang so she'll never get her powers. Virgil has to accept the fact that his mother is dead and Nina is happy being a normal kid in school.

33. Showtime (Aired March 22, 2003)
Written By
The episode starts with Gear and Static fighting Puff and Onyx. After defeating them, they see Static being advertised for a tv show. Static goes to the show's office and talks to Mr. Rast the director. He wants to film Static in action. Static reluctantly agrees to do the show. When they are out on patrol, they run into a person called Starburst. He has the same powers as Static. Static is defeated however. Later Gear is mad that Static didn't wait for his help. Gear then leaves. The next day, Static runs into Starburst again. Static tries using power lines to stop him, but is unsuccessful. Staitc and Gear then apologize to each other and decide to work together again. They realize that Starburst is not really a metahuman. They see that he absorbs Static's powers to get his. Meanwhile, Mr. Rast is mad that Static is not stopping evil, but is getting beaten by it. Static convinces him to let him try one more time. This time Static and Gear work together to disable Starburst. They unmask him and find out that it is Brandon, Mr. Rast's assistant. In the end, Static and Gear decide not to be in show business.

34. A League of Their Own( Aired March 1, 2003)
Written By John Semper Jr. and Ernie Altbacker
The episode starts with Batman talking to Hawkgirl about Braniac. The Watchtower is then hit by a cosmic string and suffers a power outage. Batman suggests Static come to recharge the system. Static and Gear are fighting Puffs gang of metahumans. The Justice League saves the day. Batman tells Static that the Justice League needs his help. They then take Static and Gear to the Watchtower. Static uses his powers to charge the station. The Justice League gets a distress call and have to leave immediately, leaving Staticand Gear alone. They soon discover that Braniac used the power outage to escape and take over the Watchtower computer systems. Gear manages to call the Justice League who returns shortly. Braniac tries to kill Static and Gear while outside the League try to get back inside. Gear uses backpack to crash Braniacs memory while Static reabsorbs all the electricity he put into the system. In the end it appears Braniac is finished and the League thank Static and Gear for their help. That night Riche tries to turn off Backpack and learns that Braniac has taken it over.

35. A League of Their Own Pt. 2( Aired Mar. 8, 2003)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
The Justice League notice that a huge download has taken place on their computer system and think Braniac has escaped into Gears robot Backpack. Batman gives Flash a picture of Richie and sends him to Dakota to look for him. Flash finds Richie and asks for Backpack but Richie has Backpack attack him. Braniac has taken over Richie's mind and with the help of a thought control disk he takes over Flash's mind. The League goes to Static looking for Flash and Gear. Static calls Richie and he wants Static to meet him at an abandoned steel mill. Once there, Flash puts Braniac's thought control disks on them but Static's natural body electricity deactivates his disk. Braniac sends the League out to kill Static. He runs away then uses his electricity to deactivate the disks. Braniacs ship then launches and starts to assimilate Dakota. The League set out to stop Braniac and tell Static to stay out it because he wouldn't be objective with Richie captured. Static figures out how to defeat Braniac by using Backpacks remote control to deactivate Backpack and Braniac. Static goes in and stops Braniac, freeing Richie from Braniacs control. The League destroy Braniac and later they compliment Static and tell him he would make a good addition to the Justice League when he gets older.

36. Blast From the Past (Aired June 21, 2003)
Written By
Sharon convinces Virgil to help her at a retirement home. He is impatient to leave and when robots rampage downtown Dakota, Virgil has his excuse. He runs to the roof to change into Static when one of the elders, Mr. Grant, follows him and discovers his identity. Mr. Grant tells Virgil he is Soul Power, a superhero from the 1960's and he wants to help Virgil stop those robots. Virgil reluctantly takes him along and Soul Power says his arch nemesis, Dr. Menace created the robots so they are immune to electro magnetic powers. The robots easily defeat Static and Soul Power but Dr. Menace says he won't kill them because he wants his old enemy to see his victory. Soul Power thinks Dr. Menace is creating a weather machine to destroy cities and goes to an old friend to gain access to global satellites to find Menace. His friend declines and Soul Power steals the access card to view the satellites. He takes Static to his secret base and powers up the 40 year old equipment. They locate the weather machine and learn it was a trap, Menace uses Static and Soul Power to charge his weather machine. Soul Power's old sidekick, Sparky arrives to help them. They track down Menace's real base of operation which is under the rest home. They battle Dr. Menace and discover that he is one of the elderly residents of the retirement home

37. Toys in the Hood
Written By John Semper Jr.and Ernie Altbacker
The episode starts off with Virgil and his class going on a field trip to somewhere. When they are in a forest, he sees a giant monkey bouncing next to the bus. It attacks the bus and everyone gets out. Virgil and Richie get in costume and attack the monkey. They are seriously beaten. When Static is almost crushed, Superman comes and helps destroy the monster. Static and Gear are excited about working with Superman. The next day, they see Clark Kent talking to Daisy and Freida, asking about the attack. He talks to Virgil and Richie for a little while. He then sees Miss Moore and realizes it is Darcy. He goes and talks to her about Toyman. A little later, Daisy is attacked by a clown and taken away. Static and Superman figure out where she was taken and go there. While there, they find out that Darcy was behind the kidnapping. She wanted to have Daisys body and was controlling Toyman. Toyman sends his toys against Static and Superman, while the procedure to switch bodies began. Static and Superman are able to defeat the toys and capture Toyman. Daisy is able to escape but not before Darcy copies her body. Static has to decide which one is the real Daisy. He chooses right. Toyman realizes what Darcy did to him and kills her. In the end, Toyman is sent to jail and Static gains another superhero friend

38. Romeo in the Mix
Written By
Bernie Rast convinces Lil Romeo to star in a film that Daisy and Frieda will be directing because they won a promotional contest. Romeo doesn't want to do it, but Rast says he can get Static to star in it. Hotstreak breaks into a store and a new metahuman called Leech drains his powers and kidnaps him. He takes Hotstreak to a prison cell and Ebon is already there. Leech tells them his power is stealing other metahuman powers. At the film shoot Ll' Romeo dresses up like Static and when Static shows up, Lil Romeo says Static is his hero. Static shows Lil' Romeo his powers and his weaknesses and gives him his shock vox. When Leech goes after Talon Static and Gear try to stop him, but they are too late to save her. At the next filming Leach shows up and grabs Lil Romeo thinking he's Static. Back at the prison Leech realizes his mistake. Static calls on the shock box and Leech says he'll trade Lil Romeo for Static. They manage to free Lil Romeo but Static is caught instead. Lil Romeo tries to remember where he was held prisoner and Daisy and Frieda narrow it down to an old studio in Dakota. Daisy and Freda go get the police while Lil Romeo goes inside the studio to free Static and the other metahumans. They almost make it outside but Hotstreak and company double cross Static and Lil Romeo and trap them in the studio with Leech. Lil Romeo remembers Statics weakness and turns on the sprinkler system and short circuits Leech. The police come to take him and the other three metahumans to jail.

39. The Parent Trap (Aired May 24, 2003)
Written By Len Uhley
Shebang returns to Dakota because she thinks her parents were kidnapped. She asks Static and Gear for help. They track down a thief who they believe is a new metahuman, but soon discover Shebang's parents helping him steal items. They learn that the metahuman is actually a former doctor that used to work with her parents. His experiments on absorbing energy went wrong, transforming his body into a living rock that can absorb anything for energy. The doctor forces Shebang's parents to help him become normal again or they will be killed. A collar that can inject poison into them can be activated by remote and only the doctor knows the code to release the collars. When the cure doesn't work the doctor tries to kill Shebang's parents and then goes after Static. The doctor eventually absorbs too much and becomes immobile. Gear uses Backpack to find the code to break the locks from around Shebang's parents necks. Afterwards, Static announces Shebang can join the team anytime she's in Dakota.