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14. Sunspots( Aired 2 Mar. 2002)
Written By Stan Berkowitz
During science class, Virgil learns that the sun is having sunspots. He looks out the window and sees a fire. He gets to the scene and finds that his powers are way more powerful. He figures out that the sunspots are causing it. The next day Virgil assures Richie his powers were under control. Hotstreak has returned from jail, where he learned anger management. When he was taking a test in history class, his powers started up again. Everyone thinks the school is haunted. Later, on patrol, Static abruptly loses his powers. Thinking his life will be back to normal, he starts to do good in school again. Richie and him run into Hotstreak again and a fight ensues. Static is able to fool Hotstreak into thinking he has powers for only a little while. Hotstreak chases them, but is eventually stopped. Static gets his poers back and he is happy.

15.Trouble Squared ( Aired April 26, 2003)
Written By Chris Simmons
It starts with Virgil talking to his dad about the center because it is in need of money. Later during career day, they go to Alva Industries. Virgil sees Specs and Trapper there. They tell him how Alva personally picked them to lead an experiment. They're lying of course. Virgil is suspicious and goes during the night to see what is going on. He sees that they are working on trying to revitalize Alva's son. The machine to do it is almost ready. Specs and Trapper want Alva to see their new experiment, but he wants nothing of it. Specs and Trapper decide to use their experiment to get Static. Their experiment is suits that make them powerful. They use these new suits to capture Static. Whe nthey show Alva he gets mad. Static gets out and in the chase, the machine that would restore Alva's son was severely damaged. Alva fires Specs and Trapper for it. They get mad and steal his son. Static agrees to help Alva get his son back if Alva donated money to his dad's center. Static finds them at the Vanmoor school and fights them. He is able to defeat them and save Alva's son. In return, the Community Center gets the money it needs.

16.Brother-Sister Act( Aired 9 Feb. 2002)
Written By Len Uhley
Virgil's sister has made him dinner and he is giving her the usual complaints. He charges it up a little when she isn't looking to make it better. Whe nshe touches the plate her hand gets burned, making her think. Meanwhile, two new metahumans Boom and Mirage, a brother and sister, rob a dancing place. Static is on hte news talking about these two. Sharon sees this and gets suspicious about Virgil maybe being Static. She tries to get info on where he was the night before, but he manages to evade her questions. At a radio station, Boom and Mirage steal money from it. Static shows up, but is defeated. Mirage is hurt and sent to the hospital, where Static learns about her and Boom. Boom then comes and takes her away. Meanwhile, Sharon, still trying to prove that Virgil is Static takes him to a basketball game where she can keep an eye on him. Boom and Mirage show up and Virgil, with Richie's help ecapes from Sharon's sight. After a brief fight, Static traps Boom in glass. Afterwards, with Mirages help, Virgil helps "prove" to Sharon that he is not Static.

17.Static Shaq( Aired 16 Feb. 2002)
Written By Christopher Simmons
The episode starts out with the Ruffpack stealing guitars. They are stopped by Static who locks them in a room. The Ruffpack manages to escape, with Hyde vowing for revenge. Virgil's dad introduces him to an old friend, Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq and Virgil are going to play some basketball, but are stopped by Shaq's secretary. Before he leaves, Shaq invites them to a dinner party. Meanwhile, the Ruffpack are tracking Static with some of his suit using Ferrett. They send Ferrett in to find him. Virgil sees through it and stops Ferrett. Hyde and Kangorr crash the party. Shaq helps Virgil escape. The next day Shaq and Virgil finally are able to play some basketball. It's stopped however by the Ruffpack. The get cornered into a building where Shaq learns about Virgil's secret identity. With Shaq's help, Static is able to save the day again.

18. Frozen Out( Aired 23 Feb. 2002)
Written By Len Uhley
It's Christmas time and everyone is happy. Virgil is a little late to Freida's Chanukah party. Virgil goes and sees a power station that is covered in ice. He frees it and is attacked by an unknown assailant. Afterwards a homeless girl asks him for money, but he says he does not have any. Virgil is at the mall with Daisy and he sees the girl again. The girl freaks out and trashes the mall with ice and snow. It flashes back into the girl's memory with her mother dying and her being homeless. Later, Static goes into a building filled with homeless people. He finds out a little about her past. He goes and talks to a reverend about her and leaves with many questions still unanswered. Staic meets up with her and fights her. He finds out her name is Permafrost. He talks to her and gains her trust. She joins the church homeless program where she could get help. In the end, Virgil learns the true meaning of Christmas.

19.Bad Stretch( Aired 23 Mar. 2002)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
The episode starts off with the Breed's newest member Aquamaria attacking a football stadium. Static comes and is fighting her. She uses her water powers to stop his electric ones. Just when she is about to finish him off, Rubberband Man traps her. He says he just wants to be one of the good guys now, but Static does not believe him. Later the rest of the Breed are in their hideout talking about Rubberband Man. Ebon wants him to join them. The Breed attack a store causing havoc everywhere. Static starts to battle them, but Rubberband Man finishes them off. The Breed are set free from jail by Rubberband Man later that night. Everyone thinkshe is bad now. Static finds out that it was really Ebon who dressed up like Rubberband Man and that Ebon is his brother. With the help of Rubberband, Static is able to defeat the Breed once again. Rubberband decides he is going to be a superhero too.

20.Pop's Girlfriend( Aired 9 Mar. 2002)
Written By Christopher Simmons
On a train, two boys steal a briefcase from a man. In it they find vials of metagas. They hurriedly put it away when a cop car goes by. That same cop car stops Virgil. The officer wants to see in Virgil's ba which contains Static's clothes. Rather than have his secret identity found he runs for it. Later that same day, Virgil's father wants them to meet his new girlfriend, Trina. It turns out that Trina was that cop who Virgil ran away from. Virgil's dad is real mad and grounds him. At school Royce and Frankie, the two boys, are in the computer lab and are looking up info on the metagas. Royce smells some of it and a little is spilled on the floor. After school, Trina picks up Virgil and they have a little talk. She tells him about the stolen metagas and that it will explode in 24 hours. He gets mad and walks away. At home, he overhears Trina saying she doesn't want to be in the way of Robert and his kids. Richie calls Virgil telling him there was a problem at school. Static comes and defeats the mutated cockroach and spider. Later that same day Royce mutates into a super strong being. Trina comes and trys to stop him, but can't. Static finally stops him. Afterwards Robert and Trina get back together.

21. Attack of the Living Brain Puppets( Aired 6 Apr. 2002)
Written By Len Uhley
The school elections are starting and a girl named Madelyn Spaulding is a candidate. Problem is she doesn't have and followers. Richie is mad that the school vending machines don't work and decides to run for freshman class president to help change this. Madelyn gets mad at this and is about to say something, but doubles over in pain. A flashback appears of her going over to a homeless man(Ragtag) and asking him about his life. The Big Bang happens and they are caught in the explosion. In normal time, she learns she can read people's thoughts. The candidates are giving speeches and Joey is up. He is about to start speaking when his face changes and he tells everyone he is dropping out of the race. It turns out that Madelyn is controlling him. Richie sees her and is about to stop her when she controls him, reading his thoughts. She finds out Virgil's secret and runs off. Richie tells Virgil his concerns and Virgil agrees to look into it. That night when he is sleeping, Madelyn comes into his dream and tells him she knows his secret. He wakes up to find that the entire city is under her mind control. He goes to the school and has to fights off her brain puppets. Eventually her confronts her and is able to stop her. The next day, Richie is congradulating Joey on winning the election. Madelyn will be okay, but she does not remember she is a Bang Baby.

22.Power Play( Aired 2 Feb. 2002)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
Richie is caught pretending to be a superhero by Static. Richie gets mad when he is told he can never be one and runs off. In a run down part of town Richie bumps into an old man. Helping him up, Richie gets shocked. Behind him, two boys laugh. Then all three disappear. A runaway truck almost hits a dog but is stopped by Richie who has superpowers. Virgil and Richie test out these powers in the scrap yard. Richie almost gets hurt and runs away to find the old man. The man's name is Ragtag and the boy's names are Run and Jump. Richie has to go back to Ragtag to get more power. He gives himself the name "Push" and becomes a superhero, leaving Static in the shadows. He realizes that to keep getting power from Ragtag, he'll have to start stealing from him. Richie refuses to do it and is attacked by Jump and Run. Static saves him and they confront Ragtag. After a brief fight Ragtag falls off a building and disappears. Richie goes back to normal and is happy being the sidekick again.

23. Consequences (Aired April 5, 2003)
Written By
Static stops Shiv from robbing a store with Rubberband Man's help but he tells Static that he shows off too much for the crowd instead of catching the criminals. Static doesn't listen and says he doesn't need his help. While taking Daisy to a movie, Puff and Onyx rob the theater and Virgil changes into Static to stop them. He slows them down and he could have stopped them but when he sees Daisy watching him he shows off again. Puff uses her powers to bring down parts of the walls and some debris hits Daisy. Daisy winds up in the hospital with a concussion and Virgil blames himself, even though her parents and his family tell him it wasn't his fault. Angry at himself Static uses his powers to blast a junkyard. Richie wants to talk to him about Daisy, but Virgil ignores him and wants to be by himself. When he learns where Puff and Onyx usually hang out he goes to the pool hall and uses his powers to scare everyone there. He has one person pinned to the wall ready to tell everything, when Rubberband Man comes in and stops him. They fight for a few minutes and he calms Virgil down. When Static talks to Richie the next day, Puff begins tearing up the city to get his attention. Static appears to fight her and with some help from Rubberband Man they defeat both her and Onyx. Daisy recovers from her injury and Static sends her an electrical flower in the sky.

24. The Big Leagues( Aired 26 Jan. 2002)
Written By Len Uhley
The Joker has come to Dakota and recruited a gang of metahumans. Ferrett does not want to join and is given laughing gas. Static has his first meeting with Joker's gang when they steal a fire truck. As they get away, Static finds Ferrett with a paper saying "Missing You." Static is checking up on Ferrett in the hospital and Batman and Robin show up. Static tags along with them as they follow a lead through sewers and a warehouse district. Reaching a dead end, they give up for the night. The Joker and his gang are plotting a way to get rid of Batman. The gang includes Shiv, Talon, Hotstreak and Kangorr. Talon leads Static and Batman into a trap and Batman is taken away, with Static stuck in the sewers. With the help of the Batmobile, Static tracks down Batman. He shows up just in time and saves Batman and Robin from death. Together they defeat the Joker. In the end, Batman thanks Static for saving him.

25. Jimmy (Aired 4 May 2002)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie and Alan Burnett
The episode starts with Richie being put into an ambulance. This is a flashback and Virgil is really in a psychiatrist's office. He is telling her how he couldn't forget something that happened. He begisn telling her how he first met a kid named Jimmy. In the flashback, Virgil is late to school because of Carmendillo. When he gets there, Richie and him see Nick Connor picking on Jimmy Osgood. They feel sorry for him and later go to his house. He asks them if they want to see his dad's gun and Virgil gets mad at him because of what happened to his mother. Jimmy later apologizes and becomes friends with Virgil and Richie. There is going to be a party at the recreation center and lots of kids help. They create a maze inside the gym. After it is built, Jimmy overhears a conversation between Freida and Nick. Nick sees him and chases him into the locker bay, where he shoves Jimmy into a locker. Jimmy is helped out and he runs away, crying. The next day Virgil goes to Jimmy's house, and sees on Jimmy's computer that Jimmy is going to kill Nick. Virgil rushes over to the recreation center as Static. Before he gets there, Jimmy pulls out the gun and is tackled from behind, firing the weopon at Richie. Richie is shot, but is okay. Jimmy is sent to a juvenile detention center. A small segment at the end shows Static saying how bad guns are and how they shouldn't be used.

26. Duped (Aired 27 April 2002)
Written By Christopher Simmons and Len Uhley
The episode starts out in a music store. A new metahuman named Replikon is starting a fuss. Rubberband Man is also in the store and recognizes him. Turns out they were in business together once. Replikon runs off and Static and Rubberband chase after him, but lose him. Later Adam Evans calls Virgil's house and asks if he can have his new cd back. Virgil takes it to him and finds out that A.J. McLean, a member of the Backstreet Boys, and Evans are going to sign a deal together. Virgil promises not to tell anyone A.J. is in town. A little while later Virgil tells Richie. Soon afterwards, Richie tells Daisy and Freida. They put this on the schools website and the news spreads. The street in front of the music studio is filled with fans. A.J. and Adam sneak out a back way, but are seen. Rubberband tries to hold off the fans for a little while. Static comes and saves A.J. Replikon hears about the deal and kidnaps A.J., impersonating him. The fake A.J. breaks off the deal and tries to have a deal signed with Marvin Roper a.k.a. Replikon. Static figures out it isn't really A.J. and saves the real one. Later, Adam Evans signs the deal with A.J., already becoming a star.