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1. Shock to the System( Aired 23 Sept. 2000)
Written By Christopher Simmons
Three robbers are stealing from a warehouse when they get attacked by a flying person named Static. They try to fight him, but by using electric bolts, Static stops them cold. Static then flashes back. At Dakota Union High School, Static or Virgil Hawkins, is about to ask Freida Goren to the dance when F-Stop, a bully, asks her. F-Stop starts to beat Virgil up while everyone sits and watches. Virgil's friend Wade stops the fight. After school, F-Stop and his gang jump Virgil and beat him up. Wade stops him again and asks if Virgil wants to join his gang. Virgil doesn't know for sure, but everyone thinks he is. Wade takes him to the docks where all the gangs are fighting. The police come and a Biohazard can falls and purple gas spreads. Virgil escapes and goes home. The next day things keep clinging on to him. He finds out he has electric powers. His friend Richie comes over and they are both excited about his disovery. They decide to make him into a superhero and try to find a costume for him. They finally find one that works. It goes back to the present showing Static flying to his school and showing off his powers. At the hospital, F-STop bursts into flames and escapes.

2. Aftershock( Aired 30 Sept. 2000)
Written By Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett
The gangsters have all been mutated by the purple gas. Virgil and Richie are in a record store when a kid turns into a werewolf. People run from it. F-Stop, now Hotstreak, shows up and uses flames to chase the werewolf away. He then chases Virgil into an alley and supposedly kills Virgil. Just as Hotstreak moves toward Freida, Static shows up. Static and Hotstreak fight. Just as Hotstreak is about to finish off Static, the fire department soaks him. Virgil is worries about his powers and sees a doctor. Virgil sees the Mayor talking with Edwin Alva in the park. Alva knows a lot about the Bang Babies. He tells a man named York the erase all data on the mutagen. Static goes to Alva's lab and takes a disk of data. York sees him and tries to stop him, but can't. Virgil is looking at the disk when Hotstreak terrorizes the park. Static and Hotstreak fight and Static uses a sewermain to stop Hotstreak. Virgil's doctor says he is perfectly healthy and has nothing to worry about.

3. The Breed( Aired 7 Oct. 2000)
Written By Christopher Simmons
Derek Barnett, a jock, asks Virgil to help him with homework. As they're studying, Derek gets cramps and leaves. On a bus, Derek transforms into a being of energy. Panicked, he runs away. A shadow then envelopes him. On patrol, Static is ambushed by Bang Babies. Then Ebon, who can control shadows, takes them all to his hangout. The gang is made up of Talon, Shiv, and D-Struct, also known as Derek. The gang is called The Breed and want Static to join. Static then leaves to think about it. The Breed are robbing a store, but Static shows up and stops them. Ebon shows up and the tides turn. The Breed escape. Static figures out where their hideout, with Richies help and ambushes them. Derek joins Static and they stop the Breed. Ebon then escapes. Derek allows himself to be treated in the hospital by researchers.

4. Grounded( Aired 14 Oct. 2000)
Written By Len Uhley
Static is fighting a Bang Baby named Carmendillo. Static follows him into a construction site. Carmendillo is about to beat him when a slug hits him from behind. Static saves Carmendillo and shocks the slug, making it retreat. At Virgil's school, green stuff is spilled on the floor, but nobody worries about it. While on patrol, Static runs into the blob again. The blob retreats, but not before Static takes a piece of it to study. They find out it's bacteria mutated by the Big Bang. The piece escapes and Virgil follows it. The blob shows up on the football field. Virgil changes into Staitc and has a hard time fighting it. He defeats by dumping disinfectant on it.

5. They're Playing My Song( Aired 11 Nov. 2000)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
Rubberband Man breaks into a record company. He is trying to find someone who stole from him. A record exec says it was Ice Pack. Ice Pack is rich because he took Rubberband Man's music. Rubberband attacks Ice Pack, but is stopped by Static. Rubberband defeats him and continues chasing Ice Pack. Virgil has a job at Burger Fool. When Freida plays Ice Pack's music, a person gets mad and walks out. When Ice Pack is signing cd's, Rubberband kidnaps him and puts him on top of a spire. Rubberband claims to have written the music Ice Pack raps to, but Ice Pack has no idea what he's talking about. At Burger Fool, Virgil sneaks out to go to the situation. When Ice Pack starts to fall, Static catches him. As it turns out Ice Pack's producer ripped Rubberband off. Rubberband, whose real name is Adam Evans, confronts the producer. The producer admits to it and locks Rubberband in a vault. Static shows up and figures out Rubberband is stuck. Static frees Rubberband and Rubberband tries to choke the producer. Static stops and defeats Rubberband. Rubberband and D.J., the producer, both are sent to jail. Virgil then ends up getting fired for sneaking out.

6. The New Kid( Aired 18 Nov. 2000)
Written By Stan Berkowitz, Alan Burnett and Rodney Vaccaro
Virgil is going to a new school for a few weeks called Vanmoor School of Science. Two students, Specs and Trapper, take an unliking to Virgil. The only person nice to him is a girl named Daisy. The classes have no teachers. Instead they have upperclassmen teaching. These are Specs and Trapper. A giant robot is walking down the street, causing destruction. Static shocks it and gets electrified by tentacles. It chases Static through alleys. Static throws a charged fuse box at it and the robot vanishes. As it turns out Specs and Trapper are controlling it. Specs and Trapper are trying to hunt Static for Edwin Alva. Alva wants him for research. When Virgil finds out Alva owns the school, he gets suspicious and sees what Specs and Trapper are doing. Daisy and him see the two making a bigger robot. Trapper sees them and activates the machine. It grabs Daisy. Staic defeats it and frees Daisy.

7. Child's Play( Aired 2 Dec. 2000)
Written By Stan Berkowitz
Virgil sees Aaron Price who had been away for awhile, but Aaron ignores him. In the gym, kids are talking about who is a better ball player. A kid named Dwayne says Dreadbot 3000 could beat them. He leaves after getting made fun of. A moment later Dreadbot 3000 barges in. Static shows up and shocks it. It is unaffected. Aaron is watching the fight with Dwayne--seems they're brothers. After school, Dwayne tells Aaron about the Big Bang. Aaron finds out Dwayne is a Bang Baby when Dwayne had a hot dog and there were no hot dog stands. Aaron is trying to make Dwayne create things, but Dwayne refuses. Virgil finds out Dwayne's a Bang Baby. Dwayne is helping Aaron rob a bank with his powers, but the plans are foiled by Static. Virgil confronts Dwayne about Aaron. After a fight Dwayne believes Static and refuses to do anything else for his brother..

8. Sons of the Fathers( Aired 9 Dec. 2000)
Written By Christopher Simmons
The Breed are robbing the mall, but are stopped by Static. Talon is then taken into custody. Ebon vows revenge on Static. Virgil is at Richie's house for the first time. It is a very awkward night. It turns out Mr. Foley is racist. When Richie is walking the streets Carmendillo and another Bang Baby bother him. Richie manages to escape. Richie's and Virgil's dads are arguing about where Richie is. Static is trying to find him too. Richie then gets kidnapped by The Breed. Ebon is going to trade Richie for Talon. Richie gives clues to his location to Static through their walkie talkies. The dads break into The Breed's hangout, but Shiv knocks them out. Static then arrives, defeating them with the help of the dads. Mr. Foley apologizes to Richie and Virgil, promising not to be so racist.

9. Junior( Aired 10 Feb. 2001)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
Virgil is late for a dedication of a building of Alva's. The reason he is late is because he is fighting a gang of four snake like dudes. Edwin Alva Jr. is trying to get his father's attention, but is blown off. Mad, he injects the metagas into bubbles for a costume. He is now Omniferious. Omniferious is attacking his father's ships. Static shows up, but is defeated by him. Static tells Alva Sr. about his son. Alva confronts him, but just makes him mad. Omniferious is destroying buildings. He destroys a group of battlemechs with the help of Static. Omniferious combines many pouches to destroy Alva's industries, but is instead turned into a statue. Alva Sr. is sad about losing his son. It ends with Omniferious's eyes glowing.

10. Winds of Change( Aired 16 Dec. 2000)
Written By Len Uhley
In a resturant, a couple of kids are making fun of a fat kid. In retaliation, the kid creates strong winds causing everyone to run. Later, Virgil is telling Richie not to be so controlling of his superhero life. The conversation is cut short when the fat kid, now Slipstream, is causing havoc around the city. Static confronts him at an amusement park. Thanks to a mistake made by Richie, Slipstream gets away. Richie and Virgil are now not talking to each other. Static fights Slipstream again in the park and manages to defeat him with Richie's help. Richie and Virgil then become friends again.

11. Bent All Out of Shape( Aired 27 Jan. 2001)
Written By Dwayne McDuffie
When Virgil and friends are trying to get into a Stringer concert, Sharon reveals she's been dating him. An accidental fire smashes the concert. Stringer then is revealed to be Rubberband Man. Rubberband vows to reveal Statics's secret and then escapes. Two Bang Babies, Onyx and Puff decide to collect the reward on Rubberband. When Rubberband is about to reveal Static's identity, Puff and Onyx almost capture him. Sharon is heart broken. Rubberband sneaks in and she convinces him to turn himself in. Onyx and Puff attack Virgil's home adn try to capture Rubberband. Static shows up adn works with Rubberband to stop the bounty hunters. Rubberband then goes to finish his time in jail.

12. Replay( Aired 3 Mar. 2001)
Written By
An ex-actor who can replicate himself is causing trouble in the mall. Static shows up and chases him into a funhouse. An explosion of their powers sends dust flying everywhere. When the dust clears, Replay is gone. Later, Static robs a bank. Only it isn't Static. The explosion cause a double of Static to be made. It is controlled by Replay. Everyone, including Richie, now hates Static. The city is even trying to capture him. Static escapes into the sewers. Static figures out how his double was made and convinces Richie. Static then confronts the other Static in a TV studio. Richie films the fight and Replay confessing to it live which clears Statics name.

13.Tantrum( Aired 12 May 2001)
Written By Christopher Simmons
The episode starts out with Virgil at his mothers grave. His is telling about an experience of his that just happened. It begins at the school field trip to a carnival. Virgil and Richie are walking around together and decide to go to a bakery place. Inside they see Thomas Kemp taking notes and they tell him to relax and have fun. Virgil starts a food fight and Thomas storms off. Outside a train with people on it gets out of control, but luckily Static is there to stop it. A woman tells him that his mother must be proud of him and he gets sad about his mother. On patrol Static sees a nice restaurant getting destroyed by a Bang Baby. They fight for a little while and the thing escapes. The next day at school Thomas complains about not getting a 100 on his essay even though he got a 99. Virgil's teacher is later attacked by the new Bang Baby. At home, Virgil gets in a fight with his sister about their mother's memorial. Virgil still hasn't coped with her death and doesn't want to give a speech. Richie calls Virgil and tells him that Thomas may be the Bang Baby. They think this because they found Thomas's essay on the ground where the teacher was attacked. They confront Thomas about this and he gets mad. The Bang Baby attacks Virgil in his home proving Thomas was the Bang Baby. Static leads him to a construction yard where he stops him from doing any more harm.It goes back to Virgil at his mother's grave. He says bye to her and says a speech at her memorial, showing he is getting over her death.