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Bernie Rast
First Appearance: Showtime
This television director saw potential in Static in being a television star. He was able to convince Static to be on his show. His plan to show Static being a great hero was foiled when the filming continued to show Starburst defeat Static. He did not seem to care when Starburst's identity was revealed.  Later, he would employ Daisy and Freida to direct a film of Lil Romeo playing Static.  He was Candide's manager for a little while until she found out the truth about him.



Brandon a.k.a. Starburst
First Appearance: Showtime
Powers: Has tools to absorb energy attacks
A former colege student in physics. He would get the Hollywood bug and would start to work for Mr. Rast. When Mr.Rast wouldn't read his screenplay, Brandon decided to ruin his show of Static. Using his knowledge in physics, he became Starburst to do this.


First Appearance: They're Playing My Song
D.J. is Ice Pack's producer. He was the one who ripped off Rubberband Man. He is now in jail.


Daisy Watkins
First Appearance: The New Kid
Daisy is a student at Vanmoor School of Science. She was the only person nice to Virgil when he first went there. She helped him stop Specs and Trapper. She is later seen going to the public high school. She worked with Freida to direct a film with Lil Romeo in it.  She was kidnapped by Darcy, and was duplicated.  She helped Superman and Static to stop Darcy and Toyman.


Edwin Alva Sr.
First Appearance: Aftershock
The man behind the Big Bang. A rich man who controls much of the city, he is definetely Static's worst enemy. He has a son who he didn't pay attention to until it was too late.  Afterwards he would hire the best scientists to help revive his son.


Freida Goren
First Appearance: Shock to the System
Freida is one of Virgil's best freinds. She is a popular and determined girl. She is also part of the journalism club.  She would work with  Daisy to direct a film with Lil Romeo and Static in it.


First Appearance: Pop's Girlfriend
Frankie was friends with Royce when they stole the metagas. Unlike Royce, Frankie was scared of it and refused to go near it. He is on the left.


Ice Pack
First Appearance: They're Playing My Song
Ice Pack had a hit song that used the music of Rubberband Man.


Jimmy Osgood
First Appearance: Jimmy
He was a troubled student who resorted to weopons to solve his problems. He is in the middle.


Marcus Reed
First Appearance: The Usual Suspect
A student at Dakota High who had spent time in jail. He was under suspicion when his former girlfriend tried framing him


The Mayor
First Appearance: Aftershock
A corrupt polititian, she is payed by Alva to keep quiet about him being behind the Big Bang. She is opposed to all metahumans.


Nick Connor
First Appearance: Jimmy
He picked on Jimmy constantly. Jimmy was going to shoot him to get back at him


Officer Packard
First Appearance: The Usual Suspect
He was the officer who had first arrested Marcus Reed. His attack was the first clue that led Static and Gear into thinking Marcus did it.


Reverend Addison
First Appearance: Frozen Out
He was Virgil's reverend. He also helped Static learn about Permafrost's past.



Specs a.k.a. Spectral
First Appearance: The New Kid
Powers: Creates large rays of light
Specs is a student at Vanmoor School of Science. He and his friend Trapper worked for Edwin Alva to try and capture Static.  Later they would be employed to help restore Alvas son.  Their hatred of Static would cause them to be fired.  Using his new technology he planned to capture Static.  However he was defeated. 



Trapper a.k.a. Speedtrap
First Appearance: The New Kid
Powers: Can cause objects and time to slow to a near stop
A student at Vanmoor School of Science. He and his friend Specs worked for Edwin Alva to try and capture Static with their robot.  With Specs he tried to to capture Static.  He was soundly defeated though.


Trina Gesup
First Appearance: Pop's Girlfriend
Robert Hawkinss new girlfriend. She is a police officer. At first Sharon and Virgil did not care for her, but after a while they grew to like her


First Appearance: Shock to the System
Wade was the leader of one of the gangs in the Big Bang. Wade saved Virgil quite a few times from F-Stop. It is unclear if Wade was affected by the Big Bang.


First Appearance: Aftershock
York works for Edwin Alva. He was in charge of destroying the data for the metagas


Dr. Konig
First Appearance: The Parent Trap
Powers: Able to absorb anything and gains mass
He worked with Shebang's parents.  His research changed him into a monster.  In an attempt to cure himself, he kidnapped Shebang's parents.  He eventually absorbed too much and could not move anymore.


First Appearance: Power Play
Powers: Teleportation
He is friends with Run.  Technically he is not a Bang Baby.  He got his powers from Ragtag. He no longer has powers because he is in jail.


First Appearance: Power Play
Powers: Super fast speed
Technically, Run is not a Bang Baby. He had to continue going back to Ragtag to get more powers. He no longer has powers due to the fact that he was sent to jail.


First Appearance: Shebang
These men worked for Ashton Biotechnics which created Shebang.  They were supposed to capture her and her parents.  Static helped stop them from doing this.


First Appearance: Consequences
This man worked with Puff for a little while.  She called him her "financial advisor".


Shelley Sandoval
First Appearance: Aftershock
She is one of Dakota's most famous journalists.  She has covered all the major events in Dakota following the Big Bang.  She also did a special report on the Dakota riots memorial.


Joey Bombura
First Appearance: Attack of the Living Brain Puppets
This student ran for class president against Madelyn Spaulding and Richie.  He eventually won after Madelyn lost her powers and Richie gave up.



Eddie Felson a.k.a. Speedwarp
First Appearance: Now You See Him...
Powers: Has a device that can speed up or slow down time
He once went to science camp with Daisy and Vigil.  While he was there, he began to like Daisy.  He would continue to like her when he was an intern for Dr. McDonald.  He stole Dr. McDonald's time manipulator, which he used to steal for Daisy.  He was eventually stopped by Static.  He is currently stuck in time, able to move only very slowly.


Dr. McDonald
First Appearance: Now You See Him...
This man created the time manipulator.  He helped Gear create another one to stop Speedwarp.


Rashid "The Rocket" Randall
First Appearance: Linked
This pro football player helped Dule Jones defeat Chainlink.  He also knew Virgil's dad from college.


Dr. Donald Todd
First Appearance: Wet and Wild
This man aws behind the cure for Bang Babies.


Tina Todd
First Appearance: Wet and Wild
The daughter of Dr. Todd.  She is on the swimming team.


First Appearance: Wet and Wild
This singer is just starting out.  Bernie Rast was her manager until she realized that he was a liar.



Dr. Roberts a.k.a. Omnara
First Appearance: Kidnapped
She used to work for Alva, trying to find out Static's secret identity.  After she was fired, she wanted to control all the devices in the world.  At first it worked, but due to Gear's countervirus, became insane.