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Aaron Price
First Appearance: Child's Play
The brother of Dwayne. He went away to reform school for awhile. When he came back, he used his brother's powers to get what he wanted.  He is on the right.


Mr. Foley
First Appearance: Sons of the Fathers
Richie's father. He is racist against blacks. He worked with Virgil's father to find Richie. He is now trying to stop being a racist.

Mrs. Foley
First Appearance: Sons of the Fathers
Richie's mother. Although her husband is racist, she is not and does not like how Mr. Foley treated Virgil.


Mr. Kemp
First Appearance: Tantrum
He pushed his son Thomas to do well in school. This, however, gave Thomas stress that made him transorm into Tantrum. After he found out about his son's problem, he did not push his son so hard


First Appearance: Child's Play
Dwayne Price's mother. She knew her son was by the Big Bang and hoped he was not a metahuman. She was also one of many people who hated the Bang Babies.



Mr. and Mrs. Vale
First Appearance: Shebang
Shenice Vales parents. They were scientists who had designed Shenice and had fell in love with her. When their company wanted to use Shenice, they went into hiding.  Soon after, they were kidnapped by Dr. Konig to help cure him.  They were rescued by Shebang.


Robert Hawkins
First Appearance: Shock to the System
Virgil's dad. He is a strict, but understanding father. He works for the city. He dislikes gangs and most especially Bang Babies. He used to belive Static would one day turn criminal.  He now believes Static is one of the best things to the city.  After being kidnapped by Omnara, he figured out that Virgil was Static.  He now keeps that secret close.


Sharon Hawkins
First Appearance: Shock to the System
Sharon is Virgil's big sister. She tries to do what their mother did before she died. She is currently dating the Rubberband Man. She was also Marcus Reed's counselor.  She also helps out at the senior home, while going to college at the same time.


Jean Hawkins
First Appearance: Flashback
Virgil's mother, she was killed during the Dakota riots.  During the riots she was a paramedic.  As she was helping people, she encountered her son who came back from the future to ssave her.  This did not work.  Her death has been hard for Virgil.